What is The Sweet-Me Project?

I’m so glad you asked!!The Sweet-Me Project is a yearly planner, specifically created to encourage women to live and love in celebration. Designed to promote growth, creativity, and gratitude, The Sweet-Me Project is a monthly source of inspiration. A yearly planner with each month having a new focus word, The Sweet-Me Project invites thought and action as you define and explore your happy.

This blog encourages women to live a life of celebration and gratitude. I believe in the power of dance parties in the kitchen, hugs at bedtime and stopping to smell the roses. I hope to help inspire you to see the light that you have within, and to motivate you to start living the life that you love!

I focus on sharing ideas to help you celebrate your life. From recipes to make dinnertime more than just about the food, to activities to encourage you to celebrate your relationships. And of course, tips to help you celebrate the holidays AND the everyday.

I love meeting you and sharing your stories. I want to know how you live a life of purpose. Together, we can uplift and inspire each other to be deliberate in how we spend our time.  I hope that you can find the inspiration you were looking for today.

About Heather

Hey There!  I am a wife, a mother, a former dance teacher, and a writer.  I live in Utah with my hubby of 20 years, and my 3 kiddos – ages 19, 15 & 13.  I am also the mother of one angel baby, Aria Dawson, who was born still on May 19th, 2011.  That experience has changed my life.  I love more, I celebrate more and I give more because I now realize just how beautiful life is.

It wasn’t easy getting here though.  In the year following my loss, I became very depressed.  I discovered myself falling deeper and deeper into darkness and I honestly didn’t recognize myself anymore. I was just waking up to go back to bed again, and that wasn’t me.  My husband encouraged me to start writing.  I started collecting quotes and creating weekly activities to help me stay focused on the good, SO MUCH GOOD, that I still had in my life.  And The Sweet-Me Project was born!

I truly believe that everyone has a spark.  My hope is that by sharing mine I can inspire you to discover yours as well.  You are strong, determined, beautiful and loved! Life is too short to sit and wait.  Live and Love in Celebration.  Every Day!  Start now.


Have an idea you want to share?  Want to work together?  I’d love to hear from you!