I love that LOVE is the focus of February.  Not just for your partner or spouse, but love for self, nature and others.  I was inspired to share the love this year.  My hope is that by spreading love and kindness this month, I will inspire others to do the same.  If we all do one kind act a day, this world would be a MUCH better place.  Acts of Kindness, one by one, add up to one happy place.

Acts of Kindness

We created this calendar to help remind you to take action.  I know that for myself I am always thinking of doing nice things for others, but I become too busy or just plain unmotivated to act on them.  This calendar will make sharing the love easy.  Acts of Kindness just takes action!

—Bob Kerrey

The calendar is set up with easy things to do to share kindness with others.  They don’t take much thought or planning, just action.  I challenge you to do one act of kindness a day for the whole month of February.  Bring a smile to YOUR heart as well as someone else’s.  I’m so excited to see the good things happening when we all take a minute to be kind.

  1. call your parents
  2. bring a treat to a friends home
  3. smile to a stranger
  4. go through your closets and donate what you don’t wear
  5. leave kind and uplifting comments on social media
  6. let someone go in front of you in line
  7. bring treats to work
  8. leave a motivational note on someone’s car
  9. go to a park and pick up trash
  10. pay for someone’s purchase
  11. shovel a neighbors walk or driveway
  12. hide a note of encouragement in a library book
  13. put stray grocery carts where they belong
  14. leave sticky notes of motivation for your family
  15. offer to babysit for a friend
  16. send a “love ya” text to a friend
  17. praise the work of others
  18. write a kind message in chalk on the sidewalk
  19. take care of a family members chores
  20. drop a few coins in the playground for kids to find
  21. bring in a neighbors trash bins
  22. give a stranger a compliment
  23. send flowers to your mom
  24. reach out to someone you haven’t talked to in awhile
  25. leave an extra generous tip
  26. introduce yourself to someone new
  27. send a handwritten letter to a friend
  28. donate your extra change

Make sure you share the love and use #sweetmechallenge when you do your acts of kindness.  We can encourage and inspire each other to keep spreading kindness where ever we go.

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