My husband and I have been together for over half my life.  It’s weird to think of it that way.  We met when I was 18 and we married a year and a half later.  After 20 years of marriage I can confidently say that a marriage takes work.  It just doesn’t “work out.”  You have to make it work.  I am so grateful that I married a man who is willing to put in the work with me.  Sometimes it’s the littlest things that make the biggest difference.  Most of the things on this list are not grand gestures of loves.  Instead, the majority of the list are little acts of service to bring a smile to his face

50 Random Acts of Service for your Spouse

1. Make his favorite meal.
2. Slip a love note in his wallet.
3. Tell him how much you appreciate him.
4. Bring him breakfast in bed.
5. Send him a racy text.
6. Do one of his chores for him.
7. Surprise him with a little gift.
8. Pray for him.
9. Brag about him.
10. Kiss him passionately, for no reason.
11. Bake his favorite dessert.
12. Flirt with him.
13. Tell him why you love him.
14. Give him a sincere compliment.
15. Do something off of his todo list.
16. Give him a back rub.
17. Draw a bubble bath for the two of you.
18. Detail his car.
19. Walk the dog for him.
20. Take out the trash.
21. Put the kids to bed.
22. Offer a foot massage.
23. Give him the night off.
24. Offer to take care of the kids practices for a night.
25. Shovel the snow for him.
26. Write him a love letter.
27. Bring treats to his office.
28. Learn something about his favorite hobby.
29. Let him sleep in.
30. Offer him sincere thanks.
31. Buy him new tools for work.
32. Buy him something for his car/truck.
33. Make him his lunch.
34. Ask HIM on a date.
35. Send him Pizza when he’s on a road trip.
36. Leave sticky notes for him.
37. Clean out his car/truck for him.
38. Initiate intimacy.
39. Say sorry first.
40. Invite him to work out with you.
41. Smile.
42. Send him encouraging texts throughout the day.
43. Watch his favorite movie with him.
44 Support his dreams.
45. Scratch his back in church.
46. Hold his hand while out.
47. Make the bed for him.
48. Make a gratitude list for him.
49. Heat his towel while he’s in the shower.
50. Meet him in the middle of the week for lunch

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