1.  Have a scary movie marathon
2.  Schedule a dance lesson
3.  Go to a bookstore
4.  Grab some hot chocolate at a
5.  Go for a scenic bike ride
6.  Visit a local farmers market
7.  Go to an arcade and play all the two-person games
8.  Go to a Costume shop and have a fashion show.
9.  Bring blankets to a homeless shelter
10.  Cuddle by the fire and read old letters from each other
11.  Rake some leaves, play in them, and then rake them again
12.  Have a bonfire party with some other couples
13.  Have a board game night
14.  Go to a Haunted House
15.  Drink hot cider on the porch
16.  Get dressed up and go somewhere fancy
17.  Have a Netflix marathon on a rainy day
18.  Visit a local restaurant you’ve never been to
19.  Bake a pie together
20.  Take a walk together and admire the changing leaves
21.  Visit a pumpkin patch
22.  Go on a picnic out in the country
23.  Go horseback riding
24.  Carve pumpkins together
25.  Plan a morning pick up football game with other couples
26.  Go to a local high school football game
27.  Host a costume party with friends
28.  Go camping
29.  Go outside and star gaze
30.  Volunteer at a soup kitchen
31.  Go on a nature hike
32.  Head to the fair
33.  Go to a matinee
34.  Go to a play
35.  Go to a drive-in
36.  Make breakfast, then eat it in bed
37.  Go bowling
38.  Go thrifting together
39.  Take a bubble bath together
40.  Pack care packages for the troops
41.  Shop for canned goods to donate
42.  Tackle a fun DIY project together
43.  Visit the Zoo
44.  Make S’mores
45.  Go out for dessert
46.  Visit a Corn Maze
47.  Visit your local state parks
48.  Go apple picking
49.  Go on a hayride
50.  Take a mini-road trip

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