3-2-1!  Happy New Year!  The cheers, the kisses, the hugs, the excitement all come together at midnight, and now the expectation of a fabulous 2018 creep into our head  We start to think about what we want out of our year.  We decide to make New Year resolutions,….. or not.  We plan on being happier, to finally get fit, to make more money, the list goes on and on.  We are motivated!  We can do this!!

January 2nd.

We are starting to feel like maybe all of those well-intentioned goals are going to be too difficult.  I mean really!?  Who can go a whole year without sugar!!!?  Then we lose our steam, or excitement and then just like that, we already feel defeated about our year, and it hasn’t even been a week yet!

This year, plan your goals a little differently.  Plan with your priorities in mind!  The best way to make sure you have a successful 2018 is to take time to reflect on your 2017.  Ask yourself these questions as you plan for next year.  As you ponder over 2017 you will become more focused on what is important to you in the coming year.

  1. What was the best part of 2017?
  2. What 3 words would you use to describe last year?
  3. What was the most challenging part of 2017?
  4. What relationships were most important to you last year?
  5. What adventure did you enjoy most last year?
  6. Were you fulfilled with your home life?
  7. What phrase or quote would best describe last year?
  8. What did you love most about your job last year?
  9. When were you the happiest last year?
  10. What new thing did you try last year?
  11. How did you serve last year?
  12. How was your health last year?
  13. How was your relationship with your spouse/significant other?

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