They say “good things come to those who wait.” Well, we’ve waited a LONG time for this. Seven years ago I was inspired to create a life workbook.  I was going through the hardest trial of my life (Our fourth child was delivered a stillborn) and I needed something to help me recognize my blessings and celebrate my days again. Through the years, my idea has changed a little, but my vision is the same.  To live and love in celebration!  I am passionate about helping women discover their joy!  Life is about so much more than waking up just to go to sleep again.  We are busy!  We are pulled and stretched in different directions and we get trapped into thinking we don’t have time for ourselves.  The Sweet-Me Project is a planner to help us keep track of our obligations as well as scheduling in the simple joys of life.  Each month is divided into weekly grids, focusing on your top 3 goals of the day. Each month also has a section for a gratitude list, a quote collector and a call to action page.  You will be inspired to celebrate the big and little things in your life with creative suggestions to really experience each month.  I am so excited to finally be so close to sharing this with you.  I know that it has helped me to be purposeful with my days.  And I am confident that The Sweet Me Project will help you be deliberate with celebrating your life as well.

The Sweet-Me Project launches 2019